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IAM empowering Caribbean Success,
one professional at a time.

IAM is a pioneering organization dedicated to elevating talent and business professionals' employability and professional competencies in the Caribbean region. We are conceptualizing Workforce Readiness Training that centers on the assets and skills required by professionals to work and grow in businesses in the Caribbean.


Our approach is rooted in the US Department of Labor's Building Blocks curriculum, which we augment to create competency-based workforce readiness training for the Caribbean region. We assess foundational competencies in personal effectiveness, academics, and professional skills to build on participant base knowledge and experiences. We tailor our curriculum and assessment to the unique needs of Caribbean-based business professionals leading and doing business in our region.

Why Choose IAM for Upskill Training?

IAM presents a comprehensive suite of upskill training services designed to elevate the employability and professional competencies of Caribbean talent and business professionals. Our offerings are tailored to the unique assets and challenges of leading and doing business in the Caribbean region.


IAM is committed to continuously evaluating and improving our programs through active "listening" activities with course participants, facilitators, and industry professionals. We develop culturally relevant courses for the region that enhance personal effectiveness competencies, reinforce essential academic competencies, and cultivate workplace competencies.


We also offer a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) Training model that centers on the unique cultural assets available to Caribbean professionals. Our tiered learning opportunities lead business professionals through a scaffolded journey that responds to their knowledge level and goals for integration. After training completion, we provide free technical support and mentoring for up to three months.


IAM Workforce Readiness Training

At IAM, we offer a structured, tiered approach to our courses, each designed to build upon the last and provide a comprehensive skillset for our participants. These tiers are carefully crafted to focus on personal effectiveness, academic competencies, and workplace competencies, ensuring a well-rounded professional development experience.

Tier 1 - Personal Effectiveness Competencies

Integrity: Promoting ethical and moral principles, honesty, and transparency

Professionalism: Encouraging respect, accountability, and a commitment to quality work

Dependability & Reliability: Ensuring consistent performance and meeting commitments

Adaptability & Flexibility: Navigating changing work environments and remaining resilient

Interpersonal Skills: Enhancing communication and collaboration abilities

Initiative: Fostering proactive problem-solving and action-taking

Lifelong Learning: Encouraging continuous personal and professional growth

Tier 2 - Basic Academic Competencies


Reading: Enhancing comprehension and interpretation skills

Writing: Improving written communication abilities

Mathematics: Strengthening basic mathematical skills

Communication: Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Critical Thinking: Developing the ability to analyze and evaluate information

Basic Computer Skills: Building foundational digital literacy

Tier 3 - Workplace Competencies


Teamwork: Promoting collaboration and effective communication within a team

Customer Focus: Understanding and responding to customer needs

Planning & Organizing: Managing tasks and resources effectively

Creative Thinking: Encouraging innovative approaches to problem-solving

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making: Enhancing the ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems

Working with Tools & Technology: Building proficiency with digital and other technology-based tools

Scheduling & Coordinating: Managing schedules and coordinating activities

Checking, Examining, & Recording: Ensuring accuracy and completeness of information and records

IAM Customer 
Experience Training

IAM's CX Training model highlights the unique cultural assets available to professionals in the Caribbean to build a more substantial customer base within their businesses. The training covers customer personas, customer journey analysis and mapping, customer loyalty, employee loyalty and engagement, customer retention and growth, customer churn, customer effort, and customer lifetime value.

IAM CX - Customer Experience Courses

Fashion Store Manager

Micro CX Journey: This customized certificate program is designed for solopreneurs or micro-business owners to learn affordable CX strategies they can implement

Level 1 CX Training: This level is designed for middle managers with frontline execution responsibility in any industry, teaching CX strategies

Level 2 CX Training: This level is for broad operational CX strategies for middle managers or heads of departments, with a heavy focus on strategic reporting to C-suite-level leaders

Level 3 CX Training: This level provides CX certification for larger companies' C-suite and heads of departments with oversight responsibilities and cross-collaborative teams

CX Certification Program: This program offers full-spectrum knowledge of CX for enhanced career mobility, including all operational and strategic modules for any industry

CX Training for Tourism & Hospitality: This CX training is designed to help professionals create consistently positive, unique, and memorable experiences for visitors

Technical Support and Mentoring: Participants receive 6-12 hours of free technical support and mentoring for up to three months after completing our training. This ensures they can effectively apply the skills and knowledge gained during the training in their professional roles.

At IAM, we're not just providing services.
We're building partnerships.

We're committed to helping your community, organization, or business succeed in the Caribbean region. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your community, organization, or business.

How IAM achieves success for our clients.

Data Solutions

We specialize in collecting impartial and culturally sensitive data collection, analysis, and systems, focusing on the Caribbean region and its diaspora communities.


Our approach ensures that the data is representative, inclusive, and respectful of the diverse cultures within these communities. We utilize this data to provide valuable insights to drive informed decision-making, business development, and policy development.


​Workforce Readiness
& Upskill Training

We provide comprehensive competency and skill training for advancement within major industries in the Caribbean.


Our programs are designed with diverse entry points, accommodating individuals with different educational, professional, socioeconomic, and cultural/language backgrounds. We aim to equip individuals with the skills and certifications they need to thrive in their chosen industries.

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Business Strategy & Development

We offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of sustainable business development and operation in the Caribbean.


We understand the nuanced components and pain points of doing business in this region, and we're committed to providing strategies and solutions that promote sustainable growth and success.

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