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Turning Weaknesses into Strengths using CX, VoC Tech, and AI.

A Free Webinar on How to Unleash CX for your business with IAM CX and SANDSIV.

In today's business landscape, organizations are met with time-honored challenges reimagined: How can we keep and add more customers? How do we empower our teams? How can we grow Revenue and Competitive Edge?

IAM, LLC invites you to a riveting two-part webinar series featuring a dialogue with Federico Cesconi, the Founder and CEO at SANDSIV, renowned for delivering cutting-edge VoC solutions worldwide. Together, we'll delve into how pioneering business leaders are employing Customer Experience (CX), Voice of Customer (VoC) technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bolster internal competencies and improve Revenue, Growth, and Competitive Advantage.

What's in store?

Across two episodes, we’ll scrutinize the tangible business objectives achieved and present a live case study illustrating CX, VoC technology, and AI at work. Regardless of your level of proficiency in CX, you can anticipate gaining enhanced capabilities to solve business problems and turn weaknesses into strengths in your ability to tackle business hurdles.

  • Episode 1 - October 31st: Explore the fundamentals of CX, VoC Tech, and AI and their pivotal role in overcoming business challenges.

  • Episode 2 - November 7th: Dive into a real-world case study, unveiling the potent synergy of these technologies in transforming business landscapes.


Guest Speaker Federico Cesconi,
Co-Founder & CEO of SANDSIV

Federico Cesconi, the Co-Founder and CEO of SANDSIV, is a seasoned leader in customer experience and business intelligence. With a rich history of strategic roles at Cablecom Gmbh and a solid educational background with an MBA and a Doctorate of Law, Cesconi fuses business and legal sagacity in his leadership at SANDSIV. Under his helm, the company has spearheaded the creation of AI-driven customer experience solutions that have immensely benefited global giants like MTN Group, AXA Group, and Swisscom, among others. His dynamic leadership continues to sculpt customer-centric innovations by melding technology with profound insights into user interactions.

In this webinar, we will cover:

Expert Insights:

Gain firsthand insights from Federico Cesconi, a seasoned leader in CX, VoC technology, and AI. His experience and knowledge provide a rare opportunity to learn about innovative strategies and solutions that can transform business operations and customer engagements.

Practical Learning Through Real-World Case Study:

Experience a live case study illustrating how integrating CX, VoC technology, and AI has driven positive business outcomes. This practical learning experience will offer a tangible understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged in real business scenarios.

Interactive Q&A and Peer Engagement:

Engage in meaningful discussions with peers and have your pressing questions answered by our esteemed guest. The interactive Q&A and polling for questions before the webinar ensure that the content is tailored to the audience's interests and concerns, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


RSVP now to secure your spot in this enlightening webinar series. We value your engagement and would love to tailor the discussion to address topics of utmost interest to you. We are polling viewers for questions to be posed to Federico Cesconi during the webinar. Your involvement is the essence of this event, and we look forward to engaging in discussions that will drive meaningful change in the business community.


The interactive Q&A and polling for questions before the webinar ensure that the content is tailored to the audience's interests and concerns, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The most voted questions will be prioritized during the webinar Q&A session with Federico Cesconi.

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