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2022 USVI General Election Survey Results - IAM.png

General Election Polling Methodology:

Pre-election polls are conducted to collect relevant and accurate opinions shared among voters. However, actual voters are an unknown population that only exists on (or with absentees, shortly before) Election Day. Pre-election polls make their best estimate of this population.

IAM polled the voting-age population of the USVI because the registered voter population is similar to the demographics of the adult population of the USVI. As of October 31, 2022, the Elections System of the Virgin Islands' voter data shows that the number of registered USVI voters is 40,875. To achieve the widely established confidence level of 95% with a 5% margin of error, an accurate sample size for USVI voters is 381 participants. With a survey participants turnout of 423 (as of October 31, 2022), our margin of error for this General Election poll data is 4.74%. For the St. Croix district, our margin of error is 6.53%, with a sample size of 224 participants. For St. Thomas/St. John district's margin of error is 6.92%, with a sample size of 199 participants.

We conducted 279 (non-overlapping) online and 144 phone surveys to achieve the optimum mix of online and traditional sampling methods for the USVI's target population of democrat voters. This approach mitigates any over or under-representation of any demographic within the survey sample.

Based on the statistical insignificance in the difference between weighted and non-weighted data, the target demographic of democrat voters fit within a negligible degree of error from the demographics of the respondents to the poll. Therefore, weighting the General Election results would not have resulted in any significant difference compared to the collected data.

Download the full results & insights:

IAM's goal is to see a data-driven US Virgin Islands. 

We are glad to share the full report for the 2022 USVI Virgin Islands General Election survey results. IAM thanks all the participants who have shared their voices during this election year. We hope that the opinions and choices presented through these results will help other voters in the USVI to consider the issues that are important to them and their loved ones.

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